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Almost 6 months...

I'm so proud of my dreadies. They are doing so well. They have shrunken up nicely and aren't clustering as much as they used to. I am however very pissed at myself for dying them. I suck at dying my own hair. First they were green, teal and purple but the purple didn't show up and most of the colors faded so I dyed them what I thought was bright red and turned out to be bright orange. The next day I used special effects and it was a great bright red that lasted only 2 weeks! So the other day I dyed them purple, pink and teal. Well the purple took over basically and the pink is very close to the purple and it is too dark for me and I do not wish to ever bleach my hair again let alone dye it again which I have a feeling will happen as I do not like to have weird, faded hair. Ah, saga! Here are some shots of me and my pup with the bright red hair. I'll have new, better picks of my hair in a couple of weeks along with pics of my newly stretched ears! I'm so excited about the process.


A few more
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