Lou (louloucazoo) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

sharing some of my uncles dreadie knowledge.

I sat and had a lovely chat with my uncle Billy yesterday, he recently cut off his 17 year old dreads for charity.
You'd think that he would have been sad to have seen them go but he's actually pretty ecstatic, apparently the best thing about his dreads being gone is that his neck is about 2 inches longer ^_^
We were both talking about how we start dreads, i do the normal back comb and palm roll method but i was suprised to learn how he did them:
He starts them off the same as me but then kindof goes immediately into doing vigorous maintenance, felting and crocheting in loose hairs etc... apparently thats how the majority of European get started hence why they have such a smooth appearance :/
I was under the influence that by binding there movement by excessive crocheting it'd hinder how  they knotted in the long run but according to Billy they turn out fine.
Also someone wondered whats the longest time someone had been using felting needles, he's used them for 6 years and had no problems.

Also I finally extended the sides of my dreadhawk , I finally have a full head of dreads :D well sortof i still have an undercut...
Im not sure exactly how they will hold up, I only had 2 inches of hair at the side so im assuming they are going to fall out quite alot; i have had a few of them in for 4 days now and they still seem secure so i'll post some pics soon and let you know how they fair.
love to all of you :)

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