nano (parisarms909) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

So yeah people call me NahNo I'ma 19yr old feller first time poster, I've been looking through and following this community for a couple months now, and I've seen all these posts about people from different ethnic backgrounds, but up until now I haven't seen any mexican dreads, so I decided to post some of my dreads. While on a trip back to my hometown of Acapulco Mexico, I decided to go to a fair held every July, and at this street fair there is always about 4 blocks of dreading, It's amazing. Straight down these four blocks all you can see down the sidewalk, people dreading other peoples hair, so of course I had to get mine did. That was last year and i plan on going this year to get some maintenance done, but for now here are some recent pics.

It's kinda wierd having dreads in my family, especially when all my cousin's and brothers are down with the brown and their BP stuff and what not, but it's kinda cool that they don't have a problem with my hair. The only people that talked shnap on my hair were my parents, at first, especially mother, she would always be telling me how my heina was going to dump me cuz of my hair, but she didn't, she actually likes my dreads, and both my parents have learned to like my hair to, heck my mom even helps me do a bit of maintenance on them every once in a while, so It's all good. I'll probly be posting more, and I'ma definitely try to take some pics at the fair come this July, so yeah.

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