(who_ever_knew) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

pictures of my updo!

hi all :)

I found someone awesome at a salon nearby that put my hair up for me and I think it came out awesome!

edit: for some reason the pictures came out really small but I posted them in the high quality version.. so if want a closer look, just click on the picture twice and it should be a more detailed pic :)

and after we took all the pins and ribbons out

she did such a great job, everyone at the salon wasn't sure what was going on when she started because my hair was sticking out from all directions. but once she got going and toward the end, all the hairdressers in there were amazed at what she came up with and put together. I was also a little hesitant about the ribbon at first  but it definitely added a nice touch :) formal was good but getting ready was actually more exciting, it had been a while since I got dressed up for something!
thanks for looking =D
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