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i've posted a couple times in comments and such, but no pickchas as of yet!
i went to California/disneyland with the school band (i'm 17) for Heritage festival a couple weeks ago.
it was an amazing trip, and we took first place in our division! yay inner city schools!
i've stolen some of my friends facebook pics, as i don't have a camera right now.

I've been watching this community since 2005
and It's been almost a year since i started my dreadlocks on june 29 2007,
so i'm a little less self conscious about them now in comparrisson to all of your lovelies!
so here i go =)

=O did i scare you? This was taken when the four of us (my roomies and i) were just fooling around,
having pillow fights and being teenaged girls at like... 1 am =P twas exciting

so this is what my hair looked like just a few days before i started my journey =P
unfortunately i dont really have any inbetween photos because i dont have a camera
which saddens me quite a bit
because i wanted to do one of those cool timelines that all you lovelies seem to do
i have no record of their improvement other than what is in my head, but i cant share it with people =(

now back to disneyland =)

with the simpsons,
its not the original picture, so i cant enlarge it any further, but....check out homer!

having a little fun while waiting in the dark for something special at disneyland
its a year of a million dreams at disneyland right now
once a month the staff randomly hands out passes to families during the day
these passes allow them to stay one hour after closing to go on rides sans lineups!
well one of the chaperones recieved a pass and managed to pull some strings and get the entire band in.
now as a bunch of canadian teens all the way from vancouver, this was a pretty big deal,
so as you can see, we were pretty excited
we had to wait for a little over 45 minutes in an outdoor theatre area with the rest of the lucky winners
while they shut down the park and ushered out the normal guests.
once the park was clear, we were allowed out,
and man, with all the lights and no line ups it really was something beautiful and very memorable.

apparently i resemble californian foliage? =P

enjoying the rays at santa monica beach

ridin' the teacups with the ladies! big fun!

meeting pooh and friends!! these were my favourite pictures with the various characters around the park
i figured i could put more like with mickey and minnie; daisy, goofy, pluto and so on,
but that would be a little too much =P
i would have put some of the group picutres on,
but they were taken by the park staff and are consequently missing body parts =P

ignore the mildly visible breasticles here
at least you can sortof see my hair =P
well, they're still pretty soft
and have lots of fuzzies, but they've come a long way and im quite proud =D


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