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i need advice/experiences

I'm curious, how many GUDUers have had to combine really thin locks? How did you do it? I read the memories and I am considering lightly threading some of my thinner dreads together, with sewing thread. I read that someone had luck with that, and I would use hair-colored thread. Also, crocheting them in is not an option, they're too small, and too tight.

I tried to loosen the thin ones so I could try and backcomb them together but it's been 1.5 months now and they're surprisingly hard to untangle. I had some luck with a few but its getting harder the longer I wait.And I'm losing a lot of hair when I try.

A *lot* of my dreads were made waaay too small. Redoing them all is not really a great option for me. I'd like to try and make the most out of these. I do have some decent sized ones that are getting really tight, and they keep me happy. They're the minority though.
Just wondering what to do with those little ones..

And so it's not text only

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