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Fourteen Months

My dreadies are 14 months now. They're growing up so fast! ^_^ I just wish they would grow in length.

I haven't been as active as I'd like in this community lately. Between changing psych meds and major drama going down in my family I haven't had time to devote to this place. As silly as it is, dreadlocks (both yours and mine) have been a giant contributor to keeping me sane. Watching their progress has reminded me that no matter how shitty things get, change is always on the horizon. It's crazy that hair can do so much for the soul but it does.

Anyway, enough of my Seroquel induced rambling and on to the photos.

I reached my goal size for my initial hole. I have to say, I friggin' love BAF's earskins. I need more. I need more money first though. Ha! Three weeks ago I got my second hole done. Gonna stretch it as well one of these days.

This is a weird photo of the dreads. Don't know if I like it or not.

I feel like all my photos look the same. It's so hard to take unique pictures of the back of your own head.

I want more blonde in my hair.

I wish this wasn't so blurry. It would be a badass shot.

Can you tell that I've been feeling like shit? Heh.

And a couple of my ears just for good measure because I like them.

I seriously love those earskins.

I love you guys and your dreadies. ♥
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