Erased from existance (suicidemachine) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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hey, Im sure ive asked this before but i thought i'd ask again. A friend of mine brushed out her dreads of 6 months, hers were quite thin but. Im going to brush mine out this weekend - tomorrow, and i have thick dreadies, just under 4 month old dreadies, anyways, is there a technique as to how to brush them out. the reason im doing this is because my dreadies dont resemble dreadies, its more mess really, and i cant deal with them, I also have the worst dandruff, rash on my shoulders, chest and back and i cant deal with the itchies, but i would like them back in, after i figure everything out, order my knotty boys anyways if anyone has any good tips tell me..that would be great. advance
i am however going to get them back in before christmas -
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