Mab (pixietangerine) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

my dreads turned two months yesterday!

so pretty much, i adore my hair. a lot lot lot of people do not adore it at all. i'm not sure i've ever gotten so many rude comments in a two month span (though it's hard to say, i've been a social outcast since middle school, so maybe not. maybe i just didn't notice until now.) i generally just try to pretend like insults are compliments because it takes away the whole point of insulting me, which means i win. i haven't missed my old hair for even a second, so no regrets. :) and i have gotten a lot of compliments, and even my grandparents haven't complained about my dreads, surprisingly. in fact, when they saw them for the first time, they took pictures. i think they found it amusing, but at least they weren't angry.

one guy with dreads who i've always seen around campus came up to me a couple weeks ago and told me i should palmroll more and not wash my hair. i just nodded and said thanks, but...there's no way i'm going for the rest of eternity not washing my hair. sick.
speaking of palmrolling, i don't do it a lot. though lately i've decided to do it a little more, because while i love the loops (they're so cute!), i don't like the flatness. but the fact is, i'm lazy, and i've never put effort into my hair before. to spend that much time on my appearance feels really strange to me. i get bored after about ninety seconds.

i'm really confused by "when will your hair look real/look like ropes/look like that guy on american idol's dreads/however else i want your hair to look?" questions. usually i tell people "maybe on christmas, if you're reeeeally good." really, what are you supposed to say to that? people care way too much about the things dangling from my scalp, i think.

i'll stop rambling. now for pictures! sorry about the largeness, i'm technologically retarded.

first, here's an extremely unflattering and slightly terrifying picture of me, but it about sums up how i feel about my hair (and usually, life in general):


here is my hair from the back:

here's a crap picture my friend took of me yesterdat, watching a movie with my weapon of choice (empty mechanical pencil):


my feeble attempt to get a picture of my dreads and my first tattoo, which turned one year old yesterday! and my birds on my chest turned six months yesterday. and my dreads turned two months yesterday. i guess i like doing things on the 23rd?

and, because i never updated then, my dreads at one month:
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