Marthe (mirazandar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Silly humans

The photo below is fetched from the norwegian librarian magazine, and the caption says: "south-african woman with characteristic dreads" Uh yeah.

On another note. There's one little faulty thing with the layout. You actually can't see who posted which posts. I was looking for some inspiration, and remembered keleh posting some amazing timeline that silly me didn't add to my own memories (found it eventually). Name of poster on front page would make stuff like that alot easier.

I think my favourite feeling is when a problematic lock suddently starts to set. When it's been nothing but a lump of fluffy lint for a long time, and then suddenly you feel something happening inside, and it, sometimes in a couple of weeks turns into a real dread.

Feels awsome :)
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