Abigail Winchester (idie_andsodoyou) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Abigail Winchester

a sort of real update from a woodsy adventure with the boyfriend!

and then some random pictures that kinda have my hair(?) hah

classic car shot

oh yea!

a ball in the middle of the woods, in a tree

looking at something

as was i

my neon lime green shoes went well with the dark forest greens and natural browns ;)



not dread related at all but... hadda throw it in!

me, my pregnant cousin, my other cousin, and the baby's daddy spinning in a circle at the delaware water gap hah

the hoop that gives me bruises like you wouldn't imagine

you can kinda see my dread pigtails poking out. i was taking a picture of a bag i made to show my cousin (the one with the new baby girl!)

the enddddd :) <3
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