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2 Month Update! =D

My dreads turn 2 months on June 9th.

I did them myself, and they were really, really loose. I also made the mistake of dying them when they were WAY too young, and a lot of the ones in the back unraveled way too easily. I didn't section my hair, and I'm happy with the fact that they're not perfect and all the same size. I just have to fix the back a bit. On top of that, I wear a hat while I'm at work. Yes, my bosses don't even know I'm dreaded. Four of the people I work with know about them, two have actually seen them.

The softie hat I'm wearing I made myself, thanks in part to a pattern that myrrhdusa was nice enough to share.

These were taken last night. I wanted skinnier dreads to begin with. I counted 33, but I may have missed one or two. That number also doesn't count the loose hair that isn't dreaded.

Tim, the test dread

Right side:


Left side:

This little guy is actually really wavy:

I love this shot of the crown of my head:

Here's a close up of the middle of the back of my head:

As I said, the back is still quite loose because of me dying them far too early:

My part:

I'm not ecstatic about the colour, but it'll do for now. I'm aiming for an ashier blond.

That is all. Enjoy. Comments appreciated (I'm needy).
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