dizzy sensation of being (dali_drama) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
dizzy sensation of being

who says dreads are disgusting?

a dash of vanity as it seems i never post unless it's some sort of modeling/publicity photo, but here ya go anyway.

the infuriating little white square exists to cater to my modesty.

my dreads are now a bit over three years old.

recently a friend and i had a conversation about a guy in the scene who'd shot a music video featuring a woman peeing on him.

my friends comment, "... and he smelled like it for months because he couldn't wash it out of his dreads."

my response, "no, he smelled like it for months because he didn't bother to wash his hair at all."


my friend assumes dreads are dirty by default because, "water can't get through them."

i even had an ex that was, "afraid to touch my hair."

all of the recent posts here about rude people openly expressing their negative feelings about dreads has breathed new life into my love for my dreads. here i was about to lob them off for something more "sleek".

nah, not yet, our dreaddies are beautiful.
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