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Aighty well now lets see ive been dreading my hair now for about a year, I have straight fine white boy hair no doubt to that. I used the all superior backcombing and wax method and then banded the hell out of my hair. About a month into it I had to go on the road and was unable to really pay attention to it... on top of that i consistantly got soda in my hair everynight for about a 2 months ( no no i dont take baths of coca cola for pleasure it was just the job) so therefore i had to wash it regularly. This took its toll on my hair and made the knots break apart, So I decided to wrap my hair and ever since it seems to have been locking alot nicer and thinner. But some have remained a lil on the loose side any tips on how to get them to lock a lil better?.....also do you think bleaching and dying it would be a mistake?.....any help would be much obliged. Thank you.

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