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We went camping this past weekend in Cascade Idaho.
It was totally amazing, camped at the edge of the lake and though it wasn't as secluded and rustic as I would prefer, it was a great intro to camp life for my son.
The weather was fantastic, not a cloud in sight the whole time we were there.
ate totally yum vegetarian campfire food.
I want to go back right now.

On a more dready related note, I had my hair under a home made t-shirt wrap almost the whole time to prevent bugs from getting in my hair, and when I took it off I noticed that I had a case of the flakey scalp, so I am going to hightail it to the store for some t-gel.

pictures of course.

packed and ready to camp.

'cause there was no mile 420 :P

in the car

white bird canyon, edge of the nez perce reservation.

our camp spot.

me and my t-shirt head wrap.

mmm campfire chili and corn :P

on the way back home, me and my man near Riggins ID.

this one is a bit weird cause my lips are sunburned.


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