mcbloom (mcbloom) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

online pics resource.

I keep seeing more and more people asking where they can upload photos.

I can't encourage you enough to upload pictures of you dreadies, friends and adventures.

I decided to throw together an unmoderated image gallery with anonymous posting for my dready friends.

To upload your pictures to the site, go to and click the upload link (yes, just one a time). The last photo is shown first, and the uploaded photo shows up in the gallery within a minute.

Once you have uploaded your photo, right click over top of it, and you have a url you can use to post to your journal inline or post a link to.

Uploaded content is owned by nobody, if you don't own the pic, don't upload it and anything you see as offensive will be removed at the first complaint to support (see on the page).

Have fun.
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