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clearly leah and anna

ten months


my name is leah but lately i've been going by lex. i share this journal with my friend anna but it is totally out of date. i don't think that we have posted in it in over a year or two. im from baltimore, md. i go to school in northampton, ma. and i'm in north palm beach, fl. for the summer. my locks were born in late august of 2007.

this is me with my parentals about a month before that.


and this is what my hair looked like crispy and straight. yes. that is a jersey dress. and yes. it is an amazing halloween costume.


my best friend katie spent three days back combing my super fine hair. my friend clare came as back up on the third day. we watched A LOT of planet earth and the life of birds.


my poor locks had wax and rubber bands in them for a long sad time. i was so unhappy and uncomfortable with my hair that i kept them up in a bun/ponytail/headband/scarf 'do practically all the time. brilliant, right? they all kind off grew together into one sad, waxy, and matted mess. from december, this is kind of an awful picture but that was part of my hair journey so...


and a sweet one from the same day

For Casberry

january... still being evil to my locks...


sometime in february my friend cas (the one i'm being a kissy face with above) attacked my head--with my permission--with a razor blade. all of my locks were trying to eat eachother and ripping just wasn't working. they had eaten each other so intensely that i could put my whole hand on part of my head and not touch any locks because they had all gravitated away from that section. cutting them apart probably wasnt the best plan, but i didn't know any better and SOMETHING had to happen.


then i finally stumbled over GUDU. i've been a devoted lurker since late february. i took all of the bands out, threw away my wax and did my best to wear my hair down as often as possible.

in april i took out about five of the little babies in the front. having some brushable bangs was such a positive move for me. for some reason this made me feel a lot more confident about my locks. it's totally psychological but made a big difference.


these pictures are all from late may and early june.





since i've been in florida, my locks have been taking lots of dips in the ocean. the salt water is amazing and they seem way shorter and tighter just over the past few weeks. i've had my fair share of nasty comments and i am totally self-conscious about how patchy/thin my hair is in the back. it's definitly a combination of having super super fine hair, strange sectioning, little to no maintainence, and cutting them all apart four months ago. despite these bumps in the road, my locks seem to be fattening up.

i still wear my hair up most days and i definitely need to work on that. locking my hair has been a really important journey so far. i've had all sorts of internal experiences as a result of my changing external appearance that i wouldn't trade for one minute. i hope that i can share some of these observations and such in this community.

ok, well this has gotten rather long, but i just want to say that GUDU has been such an informative resource and an inspirational place to observe. thank you all for posting.

be good,
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