drew (hitmewithmusic) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

what's up?
i've watched for a while and i just got a picture... they're going on 6 months.

i've wanted them since i was little. i had let my hair grow past my shoulders before i knew it was better to start them shorter. they took about 8 hrs with 2 people, one on each side of my head. i have around 50. and many natty people say don't use wax. wax brings mine to life. i won't for a few weeks and then i will and they expand and look good. another month or so i'll probably stop it all together. and i cheated, and still do some, with rubber bands. if i didn't, strands would pull out of the dread. lumps are ok, but some start to get rediculous so i hold it until it grows into the dread.

so that's my story.
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