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It's their 3 week birthday!

This one is my self proclaimed asshole dread. It's name is D-Unit after one of my best friends. :p

Do you ever come across a couple pictures that just make you REALLY miss how things used to be?
That happened to me today.
I found a picture of my ex on my camera.
It just made me miss her a lot and being able to just chill and talk to her.
We were together on and off for almost 3 years now and engaged at one point.
We stopped talking the past couple weeks because her new girlfriend doesn't like her talking to me. (I'm that dreaded, heh literally, ex that's been in and out for the past 3 years)
Sorry, that was random and a little personal but it just made me think a lot about how I used to be and how things used to be a lot more simple.

I'm getting some maintainance done and a dye job (either back to blonde or going red) sometime later in the month from xxeareliaxx
She's a member on here but hasn't been on lately.

That's her. 
And her man...he's had dreads now for 9 months ish?

Sorry for the long post today, I'm just happy with my dreads today.
Have a good Tuesday everyone.

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