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one year

It's been an incredeble year with my locks

I've gone through a lot with them. I graduated high school with them, finished my first year of college with straight A's(which by the way is an astonishing achievemnet  if you knew me, it actually scares me a bit), started and ended a relationship having them( yup I'm single, turns out she was cheating and what not, but I'm over it, I don't like drama), and much much more, but I don't want to bore you all so here are some recent pics.

there getting longer but then they get shorter, who's to tell what they will choose to do tomorrow

a few recent finished projects and one started project (can you spot bob... marley that is)

we were hanging out at chesters home and got bored of playing wii so I drew my shirt design up on his wall

it got kinda hard when my only light source was the beta cam which emitted sun like amounts of heat

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