Dangerous Angel (faeryechos) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Dangerous Angel

That Devil Wax...

AKA How To Totally Eff Up Your Hair
The backstory:
About 2 and half or three months ago, I started dreads on a dude named Matt.  Matt is my boyfriends co-worker. They work together at Home Depot.  Nobody there has ever had an issue with my sweeties dreads, so Matt decided to come to me to get them started. I've started about 10 or 15 sets or dreads on others, and am on my fourth set of my own.

Matt's hair is thick, long and naturally curly.  I gave him 31 dreads, nice fat ones.  When I was finished he looked like a little starfish, or Sonic the Hedgehog.  I explained to him how to palmroll, and told him that he would need to separate his dreads pretty much daily. He loved his dreads and on his first day with them at work, he was told they were unprofessional.  It was either cover them  or get rid of them.  He decided to cover them and has been wearing a bandanna to work every single day.  

Matt was having trouble palmrolling his dreads, so my boyfriend loaned Matt his jar of dread wax.  Nigel uses dread wax on his mustache, not his dreads, and warned Matt to only use a tiny bit, and only once. Matt used the wax to palmroll his dreads once, and then gave it back. 

:About 3 weeks ago, Nigel started telling me that Matt had a lot of loose hair and needed me to fix his dreads for him.

The Now:  Matt came over on Sunday and I noticed he did have a lot of loose hairs around his face and nape.  So I sat him down, took the bandanna off, and got to work.  His hair was terrifying!  He had been trying to separate his dreads, but he hadn't been able to rip them fully apart.  His entire head was working its way towards being one dread, with multiple pointy ends.  I could grab the end of one dread, pull upwards, and literally all his hair would move with it. I started ripping his dreads apart, and cut the hairs that didn't want to be ripped.  Suddenly, he had an extra three or four inches of length.  I spent about 6 hours cutting, ripping, sewing in loose hairs, rounding his tips and palmrolling.  I did so much palmrolling that my hands and arms still hurt today. 

Now here is where it gets gross. Remember the wax Matt used once? As soon as I started separating his hair, there it was, white bits everywhere.  At first i thought it was dead skin built up between the dreads and his scalp, but as soon as I touched the white bits, they melted onto my skin.  I was finding quarter sized blobs of wax in his hair.  Quarter sized blobs! Two months later! Matt wets his hair every other day, and the wax was still there!  Wax is truly the devil.  Matt didn't believe me that wax would stick like that, but now he is never going to touch it again.

Now that his dreads look like dreads again, he stopped covering his head for work.  Hopefully now that he knows how to separate them (rip, rip, and rip harder if you need to) his head won't end up in the same state. 

I don't have any photos because my camera is effed, but I will snag some of his later to show you guys the change.

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