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Hey kids..

Iv scanned through the memories but still couldnt find anything.
I guess this question goes to anyone whos experienced with dying theyr dreadies with unnatural crazy colors..

First off allow me to state that special fx blue mayham (now known as blue haired freak i think?) was my first love and will always have a place in my heart. Alas, i moved back to israel about 4 years ago and now all i can get a hold of is Manic Panic's midnight blue.

putting all that aside, my hairs been dreaded for the past 2 years and im getting it professionaly bleached in a few in order to dye it midnight blue later on, at home.

now im fairly broke so iv been interested in saving up on those 40oz bottles. from what i understand dreads take up allot of dye - i ALSO heard that you can dillute (sp?) veggie dyes with a bit of conditioner in order to achieve more volume, i dont know that correct term. but basically to up the quantity of dye in about 40%.

Now a friend of mine, whos not dreaded, used this method with dye that started as a laftover spoonfull of midnight blue and after mixing it with a double amount of conditioner managed to dye her whole head of a shoulder lengh bom. the result was a brilliant blue, not as dark as usual but still not too light.

approve?, dissaprove?, quantities? ratio?

tanx for taking the time to reading this, sorry for the grammer and such, im just not from around.

p.s - my dreads are down to mid back, id appriciate if you could let me know how many cans of this stuff i gotta buy..

p.s.s - the icon is from 5 years ago when i was a little brat, so before all the flaming starts im sorry if this offends you - i havnt visited this account in years and apperantly it stayed. i tried to change it just now, but my pc is a bitch. so try to deal with a fake still off some exploitation film. tanx.
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