sere118 (sere118) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

here goes

So this is my first post, but I've been lurking for way too long. 

Yesterday I set the date for what I have been referring to as D-day, I will be starting my first set August 4th : )  Just way too excited and I wanted to share the news, 'cause none of my friends and family are nearly as excited as I am ; P
Anyways, I really appreciate the community and all the information, and as an avid lurker I know the best part is the pictures : P   I just got back from vacation in Massachusetts so I have a lot but I've realized most of them don't have all of my hair in them, so here's a few.  Thanks again for all your lovely dready pictures and advice, I'll be sure to show some post d-day pics when I can!

ah that's my salty beach hair.  The whole time I was in the water I was wishin' I had started my dreads already because I know salt water does such lovely things for dreads.

and that's me in what my friends and I have dubbed 'the mustard shirt.'
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