Susan (ccharliee) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

kids are fun

So I work at a day camp for elementary school kids. They think my hair is the coolest thing EVER, and they always want to touch it and tie things in it and ask me an endless ocean of questions. Anyway, a little girl came up to me last week and said, "Last night I googled dreadlocks, and I tried to put one in my hair, but my mom stopped me." I thought it was hilarious. Some parents come in to pick up their kids and ask me if I'm "the dreadlock lady" that they're hearing so much about.

I've never seen a little kid with dreads before, I think it would be cute!

and just so it isn't text only,

My booooyfriend and I being mushy,

and hanging out on a cliff!

i love summer!!

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