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Dreadlock maintenance

I am curious what kinds of things I should look for in someone (professionally) who is going to do dreadlock maintenance? In a perfect world I'd have lishd do it for me but I lack fundage for a plane ticket. I did however find a lady in San Diego who can do it for me and set an appointment. She told me she does palmrolling and backcombing and uses Knotty Boy wax and products, and can separate my frizzy back-of-head with scissors and shears to make the dreads individual again. If this works out I may go more regularly for maintenance but as I'm moving in the near future what kinds of things should I look for in a salon that does dread maintenance?

(and if it seems I'm "cheating" for doing this, just know I've reached a point with part of my head/hair that has the tiny OCD part of my brain in an uproar, and I need it fixed for my own peace of mind)
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