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First off I apologize for the bad pics. These are from my webcam!




This is the first time I dreaded my hair. The first time I did it, I did it by backcombing a thousand times and waxing. It came undone after a couple of days because my hair is really smooth and silky straight and refuses to tangle. I figured I'd go get it done professionally because I had no idea what I was doing.

So, I went to an African braiding place cause I figured they would know how to dread. The place was horrible and there was one woman working there who didn't know how to work with my hair because I'm not black and she never worked with "soft hair" before. I had to sit there and teach her how to dread (and trust me I am a noob at this) and it was very awkward. She put about 2 cans of dreading wax all over my head and when I came home I looked like a wet weasel. She didn't backcomb at all. I had to re-dread it myself and now it looks like this. My only complaint is the tips. I don't like it pointy!

How do I make my tips rounder? My hair is too soft and nothing seems to work. (; 3;)

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