y stl m vwls gv thm bck (manjumymanji) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
y stl m vwls gv thm bck

hello lovely


3~1 week(s) old, 'cuz some were too fat &falling apart and so i ripped them into skinnier ones and rebackcombed :>

flat head from lying in bed!
bleeeached tipss
i have much less than i probably would have, because the underside of my hair is shaved with a braid or two 'cuz i thought taking care of more than 33 dreads would be hassle HAHA (s-so lazy u_________u)

a month-ish ago was the chicago blues festival, and i saw so many pretty dreadheads!! i felt so inadequate with a few lazy baby dreads i had just stuck in! which probably cannot see at ALL in the photo below, hmm...
(after, when we were walking home) well that's how i usually wear my hair all the these days haha, with a purple bandana i mean (we were rained on in this photo, the glowing orbs are not ghosts (i know, disappointing!) but rather raindrops)

look how muddy our feet had gotten in the festival haha...
..and legs too!

OH and i forgot to add, i was at the eye doctors and this young black lady came up to me and started talking to me about my babies. i was so excited that she recognized that i had dreads, and she complimented me and said good luck and stuffs! ahh! blush!

this post has too many parenthesis and elipses and exclamation points! let me depart before i add any more.

have a beautiful day!

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