ofthe_sea (ofthe_sea) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

dear GUDU, i have written you a novel

alright, GUDU. i need to whine for a minute.
if you are disinterested, please skip ahead to my plea for help.
otherwise, enjoy

i have the worst luck, i swear.
it definitely has not been my week.
after fourth of july, i had a nasty run in with a spider that left me immobile and out of work for the better part of 3 days. yesterday was my first day walking again and seeing as it wasnt too bad, i decided today was a grand day for an adventure to the the salon.
that wasnt such a great idea.
in the first five minutes of being on my bike, my shoelace got caught in my pedal while i was going uphill and when i pulled over and attempted to dismount, both me and my bike promptly tipped sideways and my hip slammed against the edge of the curb.
other than being a little bruised and bloody, i continued my 5 mile ride to the salon.
while trying to cross a very large and busy intersection, i was almost run over by a very rude driver. my light had finally turned to WALK after waiting a good 4 minutes and i climbed onto my bike and as i began to pedal, a car screeched around the corner doing like 45 mph, missing my front tire by INCHES while staring at me right in the eye. some people are incredibly rude and would rather risk almost killing me than waiting 15 seconds for me to be out of their way.
anyway, i finally made it to the salon and home with relative ease.

i know this is long winded; i apologize, but i feel that an explanation is necessary.

since i cant see Lish until September, im hoping to find someone in the meantime to make my locks look a little bit tidier.
my hair refuses to tangle and ive had to backcomb my hair SEVERAL times in the past 4 months and all ive ended up with is about an inch to 2 inches of dreaded roots and completely soft and untangled brushable hair all the way to the tips.
i dont really mind the loose ends, but theres so much undreaded hair that my mother has started to complain about how unruly i look.
im desperately in need of someone elses help, since my mom (as much as i love her) is absolutely horrendous at any sort of backcombing or palm rolling and its very difficult for me to work on my own hair.
i have been searching for a good 2 weeks to find a salon with experience in dreadlocks within a 20 mile radius of my house as my only means of transportation is a rickety orange beach cruiser. the only hairdresser i could find seems a little questionable in her knowledge.

the hairdresser wants to do some ripping and twisting and is very adamant about putting some product in my hair. after very politely discouraging her from putting wax anywhere near my head, we finally decided on aloe.
after ripping and twisting, she wants to put my hair in knots, similar to bantu knots, for about a week in hopes theyll hold together. im not sure how good of an idea this is. any opinions?
i would much prefer finding someone in my area (southern california) who is willing to help me to keep my locks together. im hoping someone with experience in crocheting, since ive found its impossible for me to do on myself.

thank you for your time and patience.
i wish you all a wonderful day.
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