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a day in the garden

With the lack of money in my bank account i decided to go out for a stroll in the botanical gardens here in cairns, Australia with my best mate gillian and her little bro :D

It was such a beautiful tropical north queensland day. It is winter here atm but that just means you have to wear a hoodie at night.

The picture quality isnt great (camera phone) but you get the idea

My dreads are just over six months now. Time is starting to fly by

This is michael, Gillian's little bro. He is a funny bastard...

This is one of those corpse flowers you might have heard about. They only bloom once ever 15 years or something. When they do, they are amazingly beautiful but smell like rotting flesh. They smell so bad that they attract flies from miles away to pollenate. Even now this thing smelt like dead rat and there were flies hovering around; hence the look on Michael's face.

I thought that this was a nice touch :)

HAHAHA and THEN, when we got home i realised i had left my keys inside.... so i had to pay 60 dollars to get a locksmith to let me in. Upon realisation, this was the look on my face:

HAHAHA great day though!!
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