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It's been a long time brothers and sisters =D

Wowie, has life been interesting these past few months without GUDU...

First off, I have missed you guys a lot! I have shitloads of posts to read at work now when I'm bored =D lucky me! I love looking at all your beautiful faces and heads of dreads!
Second, kind of big news...I had a miscarriage two weeks ago on Sunday. It's probably for the best, but I was ready...that's all I will say...
So I've been loaded up with Dr's appointments and such making sure I'm okay, and whatnot
Life has been crazy! But fun, too, my best friend had a baby girl, 9 lbs!!! I've been seeing a bunch of my friends from back home which is good...

And my dreads have grown like CRAZY, just wanted to show you guys a little comparison of about 5/6 months ago to now, so check it outski!

Click either to make them a little bigger

The first is at about 5/6 months, the second one I took yesterday at 11 months old (on the 16th)! They've gotten longer and fuller, and more colorful =D Thanks to everyones awesome dreadie dying tips I now have purple, orange and red hair, no bleach needed!!! Amazing stuff

Anyway, I'll be making a time-line soon, since it's coming up on one year next month! I hope you are having a fantastic summer!!!
Much love

Edit: I was wondering if any of you have used Apple Cider Vinegar in your hair....I'm on my way to work right now so I'll check the memories when I get there but I would appreciate any thoughts you all might have =D (my method would be a half cup on everything but the roots, leave it on while I wash my face, rinse, and wash with Bronners, I'm going to try it when I get back from the tattoo shop when I shower unless you all tell me otherwise!) Thanks in advance!!
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