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On my way home from igneousfaust's house, there was a boy skateboarding in the middle of a very busy street (Rt 9). Which catches my attention because (A) If I don't watch out, I might hit him, and (B) he's got a very, very nice body.
I get closer and notice he also has some very, very nice hair- he's sporting a head of short dreadlocks. As I drove by, I leaned out and told him I liked it. He looked confused, then waved a peace sign. I returned the gesture out the window as I continued home.

It's silly, but it brightens my day every time I see another person with dreads. Especially around here. (South Jersey is like one big, small town. If you live here, that contradictory statement makes sense.)

Anyone else just get an instant smile when they see fellow dreadheads?
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