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she walked through the door and i knew it was over

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curse you poopdog

bah, I've been reading this community for awhile, and I've wanted dreads for even longer (since, oh..hmm..grade 4) but I still can't get my hair to dread up.
My hair is very...silky, i suppose you can call it, and it NEVER knots. Ever. Never ever. And I mean, it's a good thing if you want nice smooth flat hair...but not if you want nice natural dreads. I haven't combed my hair in nearly a year, and it's completely smooth.
SO! This leads to a torrent of "newbie" questions:
How can I get started? My hair is fine and silky, and a few inches past my shoulder.
What's the best way that you found to start and take care of them?
Step-by-step instructions for the dumb kid in the corner. (re: me haha)
Best products to use (shampoo, wax, ect ect)?
Stuff not to use?
And any other help/hint/ect/whatever/slashes are cool/so on and so forth would be appreciated!
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