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So my friend Will got in some trouble at his job, and had to lose the dreads.
He didn't feel like combing them out completely, so he chopped them about
2 inches from the root and combed out what was left.

He gave me the 23 severed dread-babies that could be salvaged.
The 'locked' portion of each dread is 2-3 inches,
with another 1-2 inches of loose ends.
The opposite ends are cut bluntly.

I want to use them as extensions.
I intend on using this link as reference (as per the memories).
However, I have a few questions not covered. Just curious about
other people's input, before I go MacGyver-ing my head <3

First, should I do anything to the blunt tips (of the 'extensions')? I don't want them to unravel or something,
once in my hair. Maybe try and round them off? Any ideas are welcome.

Also, while most of my dreads have loose ends, a handful are rounded tightly.
How do I "split" the end of the dreadlock, so I can weave it in with the other?

Pictures of the dreads under cut.

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