zoe (starlightmisery) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

dread dreams

any dream i have ever had about dreads has been good. around the time of my first (and failed) attempt i had a dream that i had a full head of dreads and i had never felt more complete or happy with myself. i had a funny dream that the loops of one of my dreads were so tight against my dreads (like looping on it/ close to it instead of looping outwards) and they looped into little circles like suction cups and then that one dread turned into an octopus tentacle. well, lately i have been missing my undreaded hair probably because i'm going through an unhappy with myself phase and i always want to change my hair when that happens. plus i haven't really been happy with my hair because it keeps shrinking and it looks crazy and i can't do much with it... i just end up putting it in a bun all the time.. i was really so ready to comb them out (even though thinking about that made me want to throw up) and i tend to do things on the fly a lot... thank goodness i was out and not going to be heading home any time soon. i ended up talking with one of my boyfriend's friends about dreads because he told me to lock my hair up and i showed him i already had (you can't really tell when i put my hair up...). we got to talking about how i wanted to brush them out but i didn't really want to and i didn't know what to do and blah blah blah. and i basically decided to keep them. that night i had a dream that i had brushed my hair out and it looked greasy and flat and ugly. i looked worse without them and i hated myself more without them. i was ashamed to have anyone see me! it was crazy. it was so confirming i should not get rid of them. i didn't really think i would brush them out after thinking about it that night because, like i said, i tend to do things spontaneously if i'm thinking about it, but if i have time to sit and let the idea simmer and not be as 'exciting' or whatever, then chances are i won't do it... maybe i'll buy a wig to wear around the house. lol i like playing dress up.

ok, now, all you people in south florida who are interested in meeting up... maybe vizcaya isn't a great idea for a meet up. still come if you want though! i'll be there! so, where do you guys like to go hang out, and what time in the nest few weeks is best for you?

sorry, no pictures today. i don't have any new ones and i figure i will just wait because my hair will be 4 months in 7 days so i'll update then!
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