at the impulse of your love (therachel) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
at the impulse of your love

Back of My Head Blues

So my dreads have been in for almost a month, fortunately I never used wax, so they're holding their shape well and are starting to firm up. Granted not all of them are done... My friend Melissa unfortunately DID use the wax and they all fell out on their own a few days ago, which was incredibly upsetting since she's got a shit-ton of hair and it took forEVER to backcomb all of it.

I wont even show you a picture of the back of my head however...
This is because while it took so long to finish Melissa's hair, we haven't found time to finish mine. So I've been walking around for a few weeks with my hair sectioned into squares with rubberbands, and yes, wearing a hat.

I have been sick and don't really have the energy to back comb them myself much.

Anyone in Chicago want to come over and dread my hair?
I'll feed you popcicles.
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