dreadsweet (dreadsweet) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Maint Question.

Hi All
I had a quick maint. question, I figured someone would know the answer to, Im sure Lish does, but anyways, here goes.

I was recently doing some maint on a friend. ( dyrimface ) I created his dreads, roughly 18 mtnhs ago and I know that the base/root sections of all his dreads is pretty much equal...they were all the same thickness when we started.
When I came to do the maint, the base sections were still the same, but for some reason some of the dread were INCREDIBLY thin near the roots.

Is this just down to snapping hairs, due to his 100% complete lack of looking after them? Hes never done anything to them himself....so 18mnths maint free. (You should be ashaaaammmmeeedd dear boy!) or is there something else going in?

I combined a few, because some were hanging on for dear life and needed rescuing. He dosn't mind them being different thickness from the rest so it's okay.

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