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excerpt from an entry on THanksgiving day.

my roommate's mom was looking at me earlier today and i was twisting my dreads and she said something like "so what's with your hair?" and i said "they're dreads" and she said "yeah, i know they're dreads. why'd you do that to your hair?" and i said "because i like them."

y'see, because this is typed out you miss the whole tone and exchange of body language and looks and relaly, if i could somehow type all of htose things out you'd understand how annoying it was. um. why do you think i dreaded my hair? because i want people like you to ask me all the damn time?

that's the other thing about my dreads too. i love them and so does matthew and yes, we want to live as natural and organically and red-meat free as possible (which will not be half as hardcore as others), but we are not hippies. i don't wear flowy dresses and birkenstocks and neither does he. and if we did, it would be for comfort, not to be called hippies. i just get sick of these automatic labels that are put on people if *one* thing happens to fit a category. who else agrees with me on this?

and there is nothing wrong with hippies or people who happily define themselves as such. i am just not.
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