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2 months old today!!

I've wanted to post a picture update, but I haven't had the time. I still don't have the time, but I have a backlog of things to share with gudu!

I'm formerly piscinarii by the way.

First and foremost (this is from my personal blog):
"Update about my cancer, which I have told people individually but have not yet written about. Test results show that I can no cancer in my uterus, it is localized on my cervix and is not spreading. I have cancerous cells on my cervix, but am not presenting with lesions. This could be a potentially good thing - we have either caught the cancer in early infancy or I have non-aggressive cancer. We will find out again when I get checked out again in December. If this is just very early on, then we have multiple treatment options that should preserve my baby oven. If this is non-aggressive cancer, then my body might be able to fight it off completely on it's own (provided I maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and maintain a low stress lifestyle).

I have very mixed feelings about this, and several concerns, but the ZOMGTHISISURGENTLIFEORDEATH --> headexplosion feeling has dissipated."

I visited my family in MD and their freak out about my hair was much less than expected. My younger brother approves. My military father would like me to comb them out but he's keeping his mouth mostly shut about it after his first three requests for it.

And my mom wants me to comb them out but since they make me happy she spent time helping me separate some roots at the back of my head where I cannot see and helped crochet some loose hair at my nape back into my dreads. Then she decided to tell me "I want a weave, I like "black girl" hair" which, from my Asian mother, is a weird kind of compliment I guess. Although, she did claim that lishd did my hair wrong because "she isn't a black girl" and because my head wasn't sectioned like a brick wall.

My five year old wants dreadlocks. I told her to wait until she was at least 10, and then she asked me if she still had to wait until 14 to stretch her lobes. I somehow think she might remember these things until it is time for me to back them up hah.

I am moving to WA much sooner than originally planned. Like... I will be out there in a week!! My flight leaves next Friday. I'm excited!! I will have pictures for gudu when I get all my crap delivered and unpacked in WA.

I hope everyone is having a great day!!
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