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Hey guys, so I posted about a month or so ago gabbin` about starting a new set of locks and I posted some pictures of my old set yadda yadda. So yesterday I started the fun and here are a couple pictures of it all..
this was about 3-4 hours in, so I was getting a bit silly.

I had to start putting them up like this because I found myself wrestling with my own hair to start the locks in the back. Sadly, I was losing so they were restrained.

This is one of the firstborns.. my mother in law named it max o.O

Thiiiiis little one is my baby. I found her just as I was finishing and she was too far from any other dreads to hug and make friends so we made a deal, she can stay and be her own little dreadie if she behaves and stays that cute. We'll see..

Morning after.

You get the point.

I've got a total of 56 locks and I'm loving them more and more as the seconds roll by. I'm hoping to keep this set long term so I'm excited to see all the changes they'll go through. I was too impatient to keep my last set but I'm almost twenty and I wanted to set a milestone for the changes I've made and all the changes that will come.. I've come to a point in my life where I need to do more for me, so here to a step in the right direction.

Cheers folks ;D
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