Sarah (xochitl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

wet dandruff HALP

I looked through the memories under Dandruff and didn't find anything particularly helpful (maybe I missed it? Point me in the right direction if I did).

I have wet dandruff, not dry. This is the kind where your scalp itches, and after you scratch, you end up with gunky dead skin cells under your fingernails (mine is almost the consistency of ear wax; it used to be the COLOR of ear wax when I was a kid, but at least now it's white). I've suffered from this for years, and quitting my use of conditioner helped. But now I'm suffering from it again since I stopped washing my hair every single day, which kept my oily scalp at bay. The excess flakes get caught in my dreads and look pretty disgusting. I DO have to go out in public, so I need a solution for this, and obviously one that won't mutilate my young dreadlings (most of my Googling has turned up "brush out the scalp" and "use a deep conditioner" and "spray on a detangler"... um... how bout no). Regular dandruff solutions seem to be designed only for treating DRY scalp, and I definitely don't want my scalp to become more oily than it already is. :(

Is vinegar rinsing appropriate for any type of dandruff, or just dry scalp?
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