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Color Contemplation

Just thinking about possible coloration ideas. I'll give some of mine, but also are looking for suggestions from my favoritest community of all time!! Tell me if you think I should go with a general or specific color, OR if I should stay natural. I think I have SOME sort of natural highlights that might grow in over time. It looks like it, but I'm not exactly sure.

I put that last pic in there just because I like it lots. I had to show off my darling penta. Hehe.
Some of my ideas for coloration were:
-brown [that sorta 'soul' brown or whatever]
-penny brown
-white/beach blond [or as bright as I feel comfortable/safe going.
-orange [someone suggested i go with that & I liked the idea]
-green [not on whole head, but i like green. maybe on many strands?]

that was about it for my ideas, and green just came to me just now because i saw a guy w/ green in his dreads today. and what i'd wanna do is color all dreads now and let the color grow out. but seeing that i have to get a job in the IT field soon [hopefully soon], i'm not sure it's a good idea for the color RIGHT NOW. maybe wait until i'm known pretty well at my job and ask if it's okay or something. but STILL i would like feedback, because i might feel daring and just go with it, lol

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