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 so my dreads are 3.5 yaers old.
i dont have any new pictures to show so ill wait until i do.
last week i got silly putty all over one. had to cut 3 inches off the bottom.
but then i cut the nubby end piece up the middle.
and my dreads are suprisingly clean on the inside. :)

anyone out there going to the vfrgin mobile fest  in baltimore? my dreadhead friend and i just signed up to volunteer.
free bob dylan show? free foo fighters?  yes please.
well be at the recycling bottles tent thigny. 
come say hello.

andddd im going to my 3rd year at the philadelphia folk festival the day after. dreads everywhereeeeeeeeee.

ill take a ton of pictures to show them all off.

have a fantastic day.

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