NaMeLesS (discolust666) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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~Any Help Is Needed~

The front part wasn't dreading really at all, so I combined another dread to the one that wasn't dreading and added a rubber band to each side. I look like a insect now but I usually always wear a headband anyway. Also my hair is still kinda frizzy the lighting in the picture just shows it more than it is but it's still frizzy.

Now with this one I don't know what went wrong....all the other ones dreaded except for this one...I've been back combing the hell out of it and put a twisty tie that you get off of bread bags cause the rubber bands were not working.

If anyone has any advice on how to help me fix this problem I'd be thankful. I used to put wax in them when I first started but stopped soon after. All I do is back comb everyday with a cat comb, palm roll, and put rubber bands in my hair....oh and some of the roots are coming a little loose to.
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