dreadsweet (dreadsweet) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I know this isn't really dread related (but Ill put a pic so it's a lil better) but I have a slightly gruesome, painful problem with my piercing :'( and wondered if anyone had some adivce for me. ....

My middle piercing currently houses an 8mm horseshoe ring. Recently, I've been a bit stressed, and it makes my skin really dry.
The skin around the ring has got really dry and sore, which leaves it looking red, swollen, and gross, and it's garunteed to be at risk of infection...
Yesterday it seemed to be getting better, but today, I was eating some sugar puffs, and I caught the ring, yanking it sideways, and it just started bleeding....and bleeding...and bleeding....
I was gonna change the ring for a stud to minimise the movement, but  Im not sure the best way to care for my dry bleedy face :'(
Any ideas?
Also, the place I had it pierced at convieniently infected it when they changed the bar originally, but that was 2 years ago. It's been problematic ever since but I dont want it to go!

And, the other wierd thing, is that my other ring is fine.....

And a dreaddy related picture.....

My hairs going a crazy burnt colour!

TIA guys x x
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