Felicia (rainbowaster) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

2 years 6 months bitchezzzzzz! ...but now what?

I haven't posted recently, a lot because I'm lazy, a little because I've lost my camera cord somewhere in the move into my FIRST APARTMENT. ahem. But, I do have a macbook now, and the isight's pretty ok, so I figured I'd update and ask you guys: what should I do with them?

They're kind of two colors right now because I've been indecisive about color, and I can't make up my mind. Blonde again? Brunette? Red? I am at a loss.

Also, my bangs have become ridiculously long. They reach my shoulders and are only a few inches shorter than my dreads. I don't even know if I could legally call them bangs anymore. So. How short should I cut them? chin length? ear length? betty page length? (ok, not the last one. I would hate bangs that short) I do not know. I am indecisive.

This is how it pretty much always is when it's down. You cannot see my massively long bangs, which look like this:

You see my problem. Also, because they're so long, they tangle up like crazy and I'm not a fan. I do not want to have to brush ANY of my hair.

aaand the end. what shall I dooooooo?
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