R.L. Huerta (gritty_litter) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
R.L. Huerta

Goodbye, pretty dreadlocks.

So, I am taking a few days next week to devote my time to brushing out my 1 year old dreads. Oddly enough, this is my first time posting here, and it's when I'm getting rid of my dreadlocks. Alas, I wanted to show you all my soon to be gone locks:

2 days after knotting them up.

1 month in

4 months in

5 months in

8 months in (i don't know if you can tell in the other pictures, but the hair framing my face up front isn't dreaded, i left it normal.)

10 months in, looking nice and neat, and pre-dying

now, at 1 year old. post-dying it. (what i mean by dying is that i only bleached five dreads)

so, as you can see they are just getting a little sloppy and really weighing down my head.

I know they look nice on me and I'm probably going to have everyone in this community tell me "NOOO! they're so beautiful don't get rid of them!" Which I appreciate, but this IS a community devoted to dreadlocks therefore making the opinions a bit biased. I have thought longgg and hard about this decision, (yes, it's that big of a deal for me) and I know deep down that it's time for a change!! :)

and for future reference, this is probably what my hair will look like post-dreads:

but hopefully i'll be able to keep a little bit more length than that^^^

I guess my only concerns now are what the bleached dreads are going to look like as normal hair, and how much damage will be done! (I'm not TOO worried about the combing out process, as I have read all the helpful memories about combing out dreads. :) )
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