celly (unheardcry) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

8 months!

so they're 8 months. they're starting to get hard as rocks. its getting pretty hard to sleep on them so i kinda flip them up so the kinda hang over my pillow. i've lost a LOT of length since i started, which is quite disappointing, but i guess its just going to take a lot of patience to get them to as long as i want them to be. its going to be worth the wait. i'm not on my primary computer, otherwise i'd post good pictures from about 2 months when they were long. they started shrinking like mad into march.

these are pretty the only ones i have, stolen off my myspace.

but yeah, i just figured i'd post, since all i've really been doing is lurking. i'd love any input or if anyone is near the coachella valley and is willing to do some maintenance when the time comes. i'm just kind of leaving them alone. last night i palmrolled like mad in a vain attempt to get some length back. but yeah! you all are extremely inspiring when i get down on my dreads. keep locking :D
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