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today i was on the bus with a good friend, and he asked me why i had so much sand in my hair. i knew he was talking about all the little hair follicles you can see in the shedded hairs within my dreads. mine are really visible. when i told him what they were, he made a funny face, and then burst out laughing and shrugged it off. he wasn't being offensive or acting disgusted, but i have a feeling it may have weirded him out the amount of shedded skin i have within my hair that i've been carrying around for almost 5 years. it's things like this that make me want to cut them off.

i'll add some oldies for avoiding a text-only entry.

these are from last year, i don't know what the meaning behind this assignment was. i was just told to hold a dead bird and not show any emotion. (the birds were found dead, i promise.)

hope all is well in dready land, i'm just a bit sad from today, and i'm wishing my dreads did not look so "sandy" =(
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