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Dreads at 1 year - timeline time!!!

Started - 28th July 2007



Long ass blondey ginger hair. Took ages to dry and I'd been craving dreads for a year or so...


Day 1 Backcombed over a period of 12 hours with a good friend doing the back (as Im as flexible as a broomstick) I was so exited! At this point I imagined they'd always stay all long and slimmish, despite me making the sections in the back pretty chunky. Oh how WRONG i was! Looking back - they were badly backcombed, though tight I left some loose spots that became my biggest loops. But hey, its a start!


Week 1. They tightened up well and the first wash was...un remarkable. By this point I was just loving not having to brush my mounds of length anymore!


Month 1. Posing by a tree like some kind of bizarre dreadlocked kays catalogue model! as you can see, I had undreaded bangs for a long time, they PISSED ME OFF! They tangles, fluffed, got greasey. I thought - fuck this....


...and dreaded them at month 2. I re dreaded a lot of my side ones that had come undone too. Ironically, these later dreads are some of my least loopy and tightest, note how much fluffier they are. Good backcombing from the start kids...


Month 2/3. I wore them up all the time. Ponytails, chopsticks. Their feathery ends and the hot september were annoying me. They looked cool up though so meh!


Month 3. October. They looked good here, well at the front. I'd neglected the back a bit and it looked like this....


Cue 1 long hot shower and lots of separating. Though I think letting them go that matted and crazy probably did them good. A lot of my roots were loose by now, and this tightened them up a treat.


Month 4. November. Starting to loop, still no signs of shrinkage though. Most of my roots had dreaded up by now. Yes thats absinthe in a mug. Yes Im drunk in this pic :)


Month 5. Late Dec. Loopy and straggly at the ends. This was definately their "difficult" month. every time I washed more loops appeared, and the ends were getting loose, It was about now half way between washes I started rubbing the ends to dread them up. It worked a treat.


I started putting lots of beads over the loops at this point.


Month 6. Mid Jan. Id pretty much ignored them since christmas as a lot was going on in my home life, and it did them good. They were at their longest here, and man, I look thin o.O. Not a happy Span.


Late month 6. I nubbed the ends and did a load on maint. I also took off all my beads and metal stuff and never put it back on. This was the last maint. I did till July 08. I lost a good 3 inches folding the tips up, but I loved the after look so it was worth it!


Month 7. Feb. My ends have settled down a bit and they look quite smart here!


Month 7/8ish. Not many good pics of my dreads from this point, to be honest I just ignored them and let them loose. They started shrinking like mad and getting fatter. Ignore how wrecked i look in this pic! XD


Month 9. Scruffy loopy sunburned! By now Id started swimming a fair bit and man it made a difference!!! They shrunk loads and started getting some lovely smooth roots.


Month 10. Im only including this for comedy value. Drunk?! ME?!


Month 11. Post Big Maint. session. Looking FAB. I love them here, lots of different colours and textures, yet If you had shown me this pic a year ago I'd have been horrified at how they looked. its a big change but i love them :D


Month 12 AKA 1 year! This morning, looking a bit red on my bed. I love this pic, Theyre like a big poofy dreadbob. And from the back...


Fatties and loopies.

So there we are, 1 year. I was so nervous getting dreads a year ago, but I had to change. I'd rocked the "longest hair in X town" look since I was a teen, and It had been every colour under the sun. Dreads have taught me that its good to just be yourself. They've let me "wear" my own natural haircolour for the first time since I was 14, and theyve taught me, they like me, change over time.

This has been a year of change for me, I've left my long term partner, moved towns, moved jobs and found a new love and a new job, and you know what, I'm better for it. If you showed me a pic of what I'm like this time next year - I'd probably recoil, but when I get there, I'm sure Ill be happy.

Love Span x

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