professor (crass12340) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

new. day 2

I started my dreads yesterday. a freind and I spent a good 2 hours on it. Backcombing and very minimal braiding. Hurt like hell and was a fun experience and good start to a long journey. Now ive read alot of the memories everything on maintenance, how to clean, how to sleep in them, how often to wash.. but My only question that cant seem to be answered through memories.. i dont know it must be the brick wall between my brain and my eyes but I cant seem to find an answer..

It is my 2nd day when is it safe to wash.
Im hoping today because I just got home from work (I work grill and all of the kitchen) me and my hair are feeling a bit greasy. not to mention the grease on the back of my neck is causing the dreads touching my neck to become very oily and fall apart. Please tell me its safe to wash...?
ps. I have non residue clarifying shampoo ... ION product, quick buy at Sallys beauty supplies. I hate ION products and Im hoping it doesnt fuck up all my hard work. Also got Naturelle Hemp volumizing shampoo, doesnt necessarily say non residue but it smells great.

enough rambling

Edit: guess the pictures are kind of blurry but trust each dread is very well backcombed and theyre not falling apart
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